Randolph Community Partnership, Inc.
Providing Opportunity Through Education



Class Rules

  • Students MUST arrive to class by 6:30pm and stay until 9:30pm

  • All students must complete assigned homework.

  • Books will be given to students only after attending at least 3 weeks of class.

  • Students may repeat a class level one time only (and only if necessary). After spending two years in a level, students must move to the next level or, if the student is not making progress after two years, the program will help the student find another more appropriate program.


  • RCP has two sessions. The 1st session is September to December. The 2nd session is January to June.

  • After 3 absences per session students will be dropped from the class.

  • Tardiness is disruptive to the teacher and your fellow students. Please make every effort to arrive on time.

  • Students must contact the office (781-961-8888) if they are going to be late or absent.


In case of bad weather, please listen to your local radio and television stations for announcements. If the Randolph Public Schools are closed, classes will not be held. If severe weather starts later in the day, call the office.


The program's insurance does NOT permit teachers and other staff members to transport students. Students must be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school and all school sponsored activities.

This program does not have the facilities to provide childcare. Unfortunately, we cannot allow children in the classroom. Kindly make other arrangements for your child(ren) before coming to class.


Smoking, Drugs,
and Alcohol

Randolph High School (RHS) is a smoke free building. There is NO smoking allowed in the building or on the grounds of the school. Students who do smoke must move to the sidewalk out in front of the building. Any student caught smoking in the building will be asked to leave the program due to non-compliance of policy. The manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, selling, possessing, or using of controlled substances or illegal drugs while at RCP will not be tolerated. Also, any student who reports to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave and will be withdrawn from the program.

All cell phones must be turned off while in class. If you need to make a phone call please do so during break.

Cell Phones

It is expected that each student will show respect to the staff and students of RCP. We embrace cultural differences and will not tolerate harassment of any kind.


Additional Support

Along with your instructor, an Academic Advisor is available to discuss your work or any concerns you may have about your progress. This additional resource is provided to support your efforts in furthering your education and achieving your goals. The Advisor is available Monday through Thursday 4:30-9:00 pm. Students may also make an appointment.